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Sustainable Farming Incentive

The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) will pay farmers and landowners for committing to meet the requirements of specific management options on their land. This will be with the ambition of enhancing soil health and fertility and contributing towards the Net Zero targets.

With agreements lasting for three years, anyone who is an eligible BPS claimaint will be able to apply. The schemes will be flexibile with the option of adding in further standards as the agreement and scheme progresses.


There will be three Standards available as part of SFI 2022. These are:

  • The Arable and Horticultural Soils Standard
  • The Improved Grassland Soils Standard
  • The Moorland and Rough Grazing Standard (Introductory level)

Within the Standards there will be three levels (excluding the Moorland and Rough Grazing Standard which will only be available at the introductory level). These are introductory, intermediate and advanced.

As expected, the higher the level chosen, the higher the payment received. With this comes increased management requirements.

The soil standards involve items such as having to test for organic soil matter, producing a soil management plan, adding organic matter and maintaining winter cover to protect soil.

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